Good Day,

Longboat Leisure Charters has been in existence for about three years.  We have built a wonderful reputation with lots of repeat business.  Please check our reviews on Trip Advisor.

You can learn a lot from our website.
There are lots of photos there.

With this type of business, you can work as hard as you want.  You control your bookings.  If you want to work all day, every day, you can certainly do that.  You define your niche and the amount of time you wish to spend working.

My wife and I ran the business part-time.  Over the last several months we have had added another fine Captain to help us out.

In September of 2015, we sold the business for $150,000.00.  A man and wife from Texas bought it.  They were to take over in late November, but some unforeseen circumstances with his retirement pushed the date to the end of the year.

That date then became February 5th.  We had done everything to keep the boat and business top notch.  We bought them a Chamber of Commerce membership on Longboat Key.  We purchased printed materials with their names and information on it.  Those materials are placed in the various hotels and restaurants.  We purchased uniforms with their names on them.  They were set to step into a strong business.  They had to do nothing but start the boat and go to work.

At midnight on February 4th, he writes me a one-line email saying, "We hope their are no hard feelings, but we are not going to be able to take the business over."

Over the months that passed, my wife and I had planned our retirement including getting a home off the island of Longboat Key.  So without notice, these people gut punched us.  I'll take the blame for believing I could do a handshake deal in this day and age.

Anyway, we have now moved the boat to our home on the Manatee River.  We are doing Manatee River tours, while still covering Longboat Key a couple of days a week.  We do the LBK tours to keep the name and business alive out there.  We worked so hard to build it, we don't want to let it go.  However, it is not real feasible to keep doing things this way.

This business will work from anywhere there are crowds of people or tourists.  The engine is very fuel efficient.  The insurance is reasonable.  So the overhead is low.

My wife and I will continue to work until we find a new home for the business.  Ask any and all questions.  You are more than welcome to come take a tour, drive the boat and see things for yourself.

Rarely will you ever find a business like this.  Before the new owner takes posession, we will have the boat pulled from the water, inspected and perform any needed maintenence so there are absolutley no surprises.  All you need to do is go to work and make money!
Business is FOR SALE ........... Dial (888) 832-2104  Ext. 3  or  (941) 661-2753